Saturday, January 31

AHEM. Attention, Please - All Wingnuts Who Insist Clinton Did Nothing About bin Laden

Number of attempts to get him: Clinton: 27. Bush: 3.

WASHINGTON: Taliban turned down over 30 requests to expel Osama

Afghanistan’s former Taliban rulers rebuffed more than 30 US requests to expel Osama bin Laden between 1996 and just before the Sept 11 attacks in 2001, newly declassified official documents revealed yesterday.

A long list of official contacts summarised by the declassified State Department document showed that Taliban leader Mullah Omar expressed interest in a confidential dialogue with Washington over the alQaeda mastermind.

He also suggested Osama be tried by a panel of Islamic scholars or that his movements be monitored by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference or the United Nations.

The State Department documents show most of the approaches to the Islamic militia took place under the administration of President Bill Clinton.

Only three meetings or conversations detailed in the document, obtained and released by George Washington University's National Security archive, took place after President George W. Bush's inauguration in January 2001.