Tuesday, January 27

Dave Barry Follows The Lieberman Campaign

SOMEONE had to report on the Joe-mentum. Joe's door-to-door visits didn't exactly bear fruit.

As Lieberman headed for his getaway car, I asked him if he supported an idea that I have long advocated; namely, moving the New Hampshire primary to a warmer place, such as Jamaica. Lieberman laughed and called this ''an outrageous idea.'' He accused me of trying to trick him into saying something damaging on camera right before the New Hampshire primary.

I swear I wasn't. The simple truth is that, from a strictly climatic standpoint, New Hampshire is the worst possible location for the New Hampshire primary. We should move the whole thing, voters and all, to the Caribbean. I suspect many New Hampshire residents are in the Caribbean right now, watching the primary coverage on TV and howling with laughter. ("Look, honey! Joe Lieberman is ringing OUR DOORBELL!'')