Monday, January 26

Dean Takes A Poke At Wolf

I'm lovin' this. Wolf "Bustin' Breakin' Developin' Unfoldin'" Blitzer interviews Howard and Judy Dean on CNN today. The entire thing will be played during Wolf's breakin' bustin' developin' Reports 5pEast, 2pWest; but he played a bit of it this morning - a testament to Wolf's inability to see when he's being whacked.

Dean took CNN and the news nets to task for running the Iowa yawp all week. Wolf pointedly told Dean, "But you're the one who said it." Dean shot back, "Yes, but YOU'RE the one who played it 673 times," going on to own up to what he did and his need to deal the stupidity.

If Dean pelted him with a rolled up newspaper, he'd pop a 40% in the polls. This was good enough.