Saturday, January 31

Newsweek Poll: The Dark Side

The Newsweek poll shows how the race has been simply turned on its head, pollwise. Kerry has blown open a lead which no one in this race has seen: the 40s. Dean has essentially lost half his numbers, and even though he's made a gain from last week, Kerry's numbers are comparatively stratospheric. As we saw in Iowa and New Hampshire, despite what people say to the pollsters, they say something completely different when the answer really counts.

Dean had turnaway crowds in Tucson and Seattle today. Will those folks still feel the same on their caucus days? If history is any teacher, we have learned that history teaches us nothing. Now that the media machine is aiming its cannons on Kerry, there's still time for something to fart up the works.

Actually, this whole post is pretty pointless, but the kids love polls, so...

Newsweek Poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates. Jan. 29-30, 2004. N=467 registered Democrats and independents who lean Democratic nationwide. MoE ± 5.

"Now I'm going to name seven Democrats in the race for president. After I read you their names, tell me which ONE you would most like to see nominated as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate this year."

Kerry: 45%
Dean: 14%
Edwards: 11%
Clark: 5%
Lieberman: 5%
Sharpton 2%
Kucinich: 1%

Kerry: 30%
Dean: 12%
Edwards: 13%
Clark: 12%
Lieberman: 7%
Sharpton 6%
Kucinich: 3%

Kerry: 11%
Dean: 24%
Edwards: 3%
Clark: 12%
Lieberman: 7%
Sharpton 5%
Kucinich: 3%

Kerry: 6%
Dean: 26%
Edwards: 5%
Clark: 15%
Lieberman: 7%
Sharpton 7%
Kucinich: 1%