Friday, January 30

So I Did A Google News Search On Saddam And Found...

This is starting to get almost humorous. Now the drumbeat out of the White House is that Saddam is so dishonest that he would let America carmelize his own country before he'd admit he had no WMDs. And since he didn't say whether or not he had them, he kinda tricked us into the war. That rascal.

But the question I meekly asked at the start of all this: If he has these giant arsenals of ricin, nerve gas, mustard gas and so on - why are we sending our soldiers in there to face these weapons face-first? We now know why. Because they wouldn't be. Boy, they sure showed me, hah?

Saddam wouldn't tell truth

WASHINGTON - The White House conceded yesterday that maybe Saddam Hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction, but said he should have told the U.S. if he wanted to avoid an invasion.

"Saddam Hussein had every opportunity to help us understand his WMD programs, and if he had destroyed anything, to tell the world that he had destroyed them," national security adviser Condoleezza Rice told ABC's "Good Morning America."

"Instead, he remained secretive. He allowed the world to continue to wonder if he was sitting there with botulinum toxin and anthrax," she said.
Oh, by the way, I couldn't find Saddam's current status in my search.