Wednesday, February 11

Another Someone From Bush's "Military Days" Steps Forward

Via Atrios: Here's a robust letter printed in the Washington Times written by retired Colonel Bill Campenni who says he served with Lt. George W. Bush in the ANG.

My first question is painfully obvious: Because the White House is extraordinarily horny to find someone - ANYONE - who can vouch for Bush's military service firsthand...why is this guy wasting time writing long letters to the Washington Times (a perfect choice, by the way) when he should be contacting his buddy at the White House - or at the very least, getting his face on Crossfire or FNC?

Because quite possibly, the guy HAS no face, because there might be no guy at all. As Hesiod at Counterspin Central proves, the letter has a severe case of history malfunction.

Also, a Google search shows that a Bill Campenni was stationed in Pittsburgh in 1972, not Texas or Alabama. The search also corroborates what Oliver Willis found: an almost identical letter written by this Bill Campenni guy to the Observer in May, 2003.

There are times when the blogosphere simply has to do the work the mainstream press is supposed to do. Like get the truth.

Until "Bill Campenni" shows his face and comes to the aid of his military brother as a real human being, this is just more made-up crap by Bush's band of fenderheads.