Monday, February 2

Apologies From Lying Bastards - Like Freedom - Are But A Dream

Reposting from yesterday...

Comedian Lewis Black once said that Bill Clinton's apology to America over the Lewinsky affair was "only" 4-1/2 minutes long. His contention was that the apology should be at least as long as the deed itself, stating that after his apology, Clinton should have stayed behind the desk with the cameras on him for another ten minutes of "quiet time."

I'd like to hear Lewis' updated version of this observation as it applies to George W. Bush. His lie (which by all accounts will go without a single glance of contrition) has resulted in a catastrophic loss of human life. Clinton's lie resulted in a stained blue dress.

So far, Bush owes us about 26,568 hours of quiet time.

That's the plain and simple truth, folks. Wingnuts will try to paint it all nice and pretty calling the Iraq nightmare a humanitarian effort and calling Clinton's extramarital deal an immoral international embarrassment. Call me nuts, but I'll take slight embarrassment over planetary scorn, day-to-day fear and horrific ongoing death any day. At least Clinton DID apologize.

When you read something like this Baltimore Sun op-ed piece (and the little bastard in the White House admittedly doesn't read newspapers, damn him), you can't help but feel rage over Bush's cavalier "so what" public attitude - Hey, we got Saddam. Doesn't that mean anything? In comparison to what he did to get that goal, no. It just doesn't matter. Americans are dead. Iraq is in utter chaos. Freedom is still just a dream in a land where people no longer fear one man - they fear everyone else. All thanks to the lies of George W. Bush.

This man is a grave and gathering danger to America. It's beyond embarrassment. And it's gone too out of control for an apology.

Read this. Get angry. It's okay. You're an American. It's your right. And it's completely understandable.