Monday, February 2

"Because Of Rising Energy Prices"

Bush treated his friends very very well this past winter.

Income soars 92% for ChevronTexaco

ChevronTexaco, the second-biggest oil and gas company in the US, on Friday said its fourth-quarter net income soared 92 per cent to $1.7bn, or $1.63 per share, mainly because of rising energy prices.

The results were in line with the vast improvements also reported by ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, the other US majors, as the industry benefited from the 11 per cent rise in oil prices and 16 per cent increase in gas prices amid the Iraq conflict, as well as growing demand for energy and falling inventories.
ChevronTexaco...ChevronTexaco...oh yeah. They renamed a tanker after someone. But don't take my word for it. That right-wing outpost of unbiased information, NewsMax, said here in a piece dated (curiously) August 2000:

...Gore never had an oil tanker named after him.

That's an honor reserved for George W. Bush's senior national security adviser, Condoleeza [sic] Rice. Yes, it's true that Chevron has named one of its big tankers after her.

Rice serves on the board of Chevron.
No more calls. We have a winner. It's Condi's oil company.