Sunday, February 8

Bush And His Earpiece On Meet The Press

Taped Saturday. No pre-show buzz. Not even at MSNBC. Sounds like Russert unsurprisingly wimped out.

UPDATE 11:30am PT: Got my crack out of the sack too late to see the Russert-Bush Comedy Hour. Taking a look at the discussion at Kos, it seems Russert got the questions right, but Bush pirouetted on the answers. Russert was apparently weak on follow-ups, but as commenter Thunder points out:

Sure, it's Bush, but unless it's a president in the final throes of something like Watergate, it's the office that demands some respect and deference. He couldn't badger Bush with followups or cut Bush off in mid-ramble without appearing profoundly disrespectful and having the switchboard light up with raging Republicans. I think Russert gave the viewers credit for enough intelligence to recognize when Bush was avoiding the tough questions.
Here's the transcript.