Tuesday, February 10

Fighting Back

The trend toward the feds ferreting out info on war protesters and abortions is horrendous. A better trend: The people who aren't taking it.

Activist group resists handing over list

DES MOINES, Iowa -- An activist group asked a federal court Monday to block a judge's subpoena ordering Drake University to turn over names of its local members and others who took part in an anti-war gathering.

The judge's subpoena, linked to a grand jury probe, seeks records relating to the Drake chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, including names of officers. It also orders the university to turn over records about a Nov. 15 forum for anti-war activists.

The forum offered sessions on the war in Iraq and nonviolence training for those planning to participate in a protest the following day at the Iowa National Guard headquarters at Camp Dodge in Johnston.

Bruce Nestor, an attorney for the lawyer's group, wrote that the subpoena "has no purpose or effect other than to harass and intimidate persons engaged in constitutionally protected advocacy and expression."
Northwestern escapes DOJ subpoena

A move by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to subpoena the medical records of 40 patients who received so-called partial-birth abortions at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago was halted—at least temporarily—when a Chicago federal judge quashed the information request.

The ruling is the first in a series of subpoenas by the U.S. Justice Department seeking the medical records of patients from seven physicians and at least five hospitals, Crain's sister publication Modern Healthcare has learned. Besides Northwestern, Mr. Ashcroft is seeking patient records from University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers in Ann Arbor; Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, owned by Tenet Healthcare Corp.; Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center of New York Presbyterian Hospital both of which are part of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System; and an unidentified San Francisco-area hospital.
UPDATE: 11:50am PT - Kos is reporting that the Drake and Catholic Peace Ministries subpoenas have been withdrawn. One for the good guys.

Thanks to Donna