Thursday, February 5

Gay Marriage In Massachusetts: The Horror, The Horror

"Lib'rul Media" at work - the lead story in this morning's L.A. Times:

Massachusetts Grants Gays Right to Marry

BOSTON — The highest court in Massachusetts, clarifying its stand on gay unions, ruled Wednesday that same-sex couples were entitled to marry, beginning as early as May 17.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruling makes Massachusetts the first state to grant the full rights of marriage to gay and lesbian couples. In clear and forthright terms, the court declared that civil unions or other marriage-like institutions would not meet the state's constitutional standards.

"The history of our nation has demonstrated that separate is seldom, if ever, equal," the court ruled. Three of the seven justices dissented.

The landmark ruling comes as states across the country are considering constitutional amendments to keep gays from marrying and are passing statutes to protect the union between a man and a woman.
The next paragraph in the story is puzzling.

The issue is likely to be troublesome for Democrats in this year's presidential race. The current front-runner, Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry, long has opposed gay marriage but advocates full legal protection for same-sex couples. The controversy may remind conservative voters that he comes from a liberal state. Kerry did not comment on the court's action.
I don't understand why this point is brought up so soon in the story. Why is this "troublesome" for Democrats? CNN reported last night that a survey showed that 80% of the folks in Massachusetts have no problem with this ruling. That's hardly a slight majority tilt, gang.

And why wouldn't it be so "troublesome" for Republican Governor Mitt Romney? My God, this thing could put a great big cancer on Republican governors for an eternity and bring shame and embarrassment to the entire Republican party!

That is, if it was an issue that was that "troublesome." Which it isn't.