Thursday, February 5

The Guy Who Gave The Democratic Party Its Voice


[Howard Dean] did serve one critical role -- he helped the party find its voice again. It was lost. Now it's back. I cringe at what might've been had Dean not entered the race. For that, every Democrat should be grateful, even the ABD crowd.

Me, I'll sit back and enjoy this newfound feistiness from our elected Dems. Investigations abound, and we're not settling for sacrificial lambs anymore. Nothing less than indictments will suffice. The Senate hacking scandal. 9-11 commission. Iraq intelligence "failures". Plame Affair. Investigations of Cheney's Halliburton. Cheney's energy task force. And so on.

The dam is sprouting leaks, and they're scrambling to plug the holes. They will whitewash most of these investigations, but the dam won't hold for long. Something will get through and bring the whole thing down.