Wednesday, February 4

It Already Reached The Idiocy Stage

It's now fairly and squarely in chronic.

FCC Eyes Entire Super Bowl Halftime Show

WASHINGTON (Hollywood Reporter) - The breast-baring incident during the Super Bowl halftime show is just the tip of the iceberg as the FCC is investigating the entire show for violating the nation's broadcast indecency regulations.

FCC chairman Michael Powell said Tuesday on ABC News' "Good Morning America" that he had instructed the commission's enforcement bureau to look into the lewd nature of the entire halftime show. He also raised the specter of making any fine for the incident apply to all of CBS' affiliates.

"Everybody is focusing on the finale, but a lot of what we heard in terms of the complaints and the breadth of the investigation is a little broader than just that incident," he said. "I personally was offended by the entire production, and I think that most of the complaints we have received are much broader than just the final incident."

The chief of the FCC's enforcement bureau, David Solomon, has put the investigation on the fast track after Powell ordered the investigation, a spokesman said.
This is NOT an FCC issue anymore. Powell here is investigating what he considers "offensive" to his own personal taste. The FCC is supposed to have absolutely ZERO say in matters of taste.

You want offensive? You want obscene? Do something about the media conglomerates who are robbing radio stations of their local content and local flavor (look up Clear Channel). The dial is filled with homogenized syndicated crap coast-to-coast. There's virtually no springboard for emerging radio talent anymore. I'm not just talking about right-wing radio here - although their syndicated crap does deal in lies and distortion. The music stations they're throwing on the air are all programmed from the head office and are just a disgrace. In an industry where Ryan Seacrest is considered the number one "personality," it's time to seriously reevaluate how one company owning half the stations in the nation really benefits the public.

Michael Powell has bigger problems than an MTV-produced halftime show (what the HELL do you expect?). He's overseeing a huge flatlining junkstorm out there. But since companies like Clear Channel shovel piles of cash to his dad's boss - well, don't hold your breath.