Friday, February 6

Schwarenegger Goes To NYC - A Follow-Up

Down a few posts is the story on Governor Schwollenego's upcoming $500,000-a-plate fundraiser in New York. Steve Lopez makes his voice heard (seen?) in today's L.A. Times:

Gray Davis made treks to New York, hat in hand. He'd have flown to the moon if he thought there was a banquet hall up there. But the whole point of electing Arnold Schwarzenegger was to terminate that kind of pathetic grubbing, not to mention the pandering to donors.

Now Arnold turns out to be Davis on steroids, times a thousand...

If I were to bang out a column every time he was careless with the truth, I'd have to write every day and sleep on a cot in the office.

...the event is being hosted at the Trump Tower home of Robert Wood Johnson IV, of the Johnson & Johnson family.

That company and other pharmaceuticals are lobbying against bulk purchasing of drugs, a practice that would save taxpayers money but cost the drug companies.

And Schwarzenegger declared this consumer protection week in California, [which] takes the irony one step further.

Pharmaceutical companies owe California $1.3 billion in rebates on drug purchases for Medi-Cal patients going back 10 years, says a new federal audit cited by the Orange County Register.

You'd think a governor who kept promising to audit everything in sight would have found such an obvious screw-up. But this kind of lapse is to be expected when you spend so much time at political fundraisers.

[Jamie Court, of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights] says if the governor cracked down on his buddies in the drug industry, he'd have that $1.3 billion in hand and could nix proposed healthcare funding cuts of more than $900 million.

Sure, but don't expect me to scold Arnold for every glib contradiction. As long as he sticks with the Hollywood hustle, I've got more in the bank than Donald Trump.

A judge says he illegally funded his campaign, and Schwarzenegger calls the ruling fantastic.

He blows a kiss to cities, then backhands them.

He plans to have himself investigated, then drops the case.
In other words, the big we-told-you-so: Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Only bigger and goofier.