Saturday, February 7

We're Getting On His Nerves, Folks. Isn't That Just Awful?


Powell later accused critics of politicizing the U.S. failure to find weapons of mass destruction said it is getting on his nerves.

"Yeah, it does get on your nerves when you see people trying to use this for straightforward political purposes," Powell told Fox television.
You know what gets on our nerves? 530 soldiers' lives blown to bits because of Powell's U.N. performance.

And when twin suicide attacks kill 109 people in one day? Boy, I'll bet that put a damper on THEIR week, I tell ya.

Don't get us started on how over 9,000 Iraqi citizens losing their lives must affect them, brother. Talk about cranky. Whew!

Finally, we just get all higgledy-piggledy when Bush says "What's the difference?" over no WMDs. That just, well, steams our bean, my friend.

Powell had PLENTY of nerve when he addressed the U.N. that day. I think he can spare us the blubbering over how we're affecting his fragile little nerves.