Tuesday, February 10

Why Little Kids Shouldn't Aspire To Grow Up To Be President

It'll f*ck them up beyond recognition. With friends like these...

Donors to group that ran anti-Dean ads include unions, ex-Sen. Torricelli

A group that ran an ad using a picture of Osama bin Laden to portray Howard Dean as unqualified to fight terror was financed by donors who included labor unions, former Democratic Sen. Bob Torricelli and at least two of Dean's own donors.

Americans for Jobs, Healthcare and Progressive Values ran at least three ads in December against then-Democratic presidential front-runner Dean in early-voting states, a finance report the group provided Tuesday to The Associated Press showed.

"We did more with $600,000 than Howard Dean did with $41 million," said David Jones, the group's treasurer and a Democratic fund-raising consultant, referring to the Democratic record campaign fund Dean raised and largely spent last year.

Jones' effort drew some big donors, including two who gave $100,000 each.

They are Slim-Fast Foods tycoon S. Daniel Abraham of Florida, who also contributed $2,000 to Dean and several other Democratic hopefuls; and Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network LLC, a New York-based sports cable channel that televises Yankee games. The YES Network's chief executive, Leo Hindery, contributed $2,000 to then-Dean rival Rep. Dick Gephardt, who dropped out of the race after finishing fourth in Iowa.

Abraham wasn't the only Dean donor who gave to the group. California attorney Ken Ziffren gave $5,000 to the Jones group and $2,000 each to the campaigns of Dean, Gephardt and John Kerry. Abraham and Ziffren did not immediately respond to messages left at their offices seeking comment.

Former New Jersey Sen. Torricelli, currently raising money for front-runner Kerry, donated $50,000 from his Senate campaign fund to Jones' group.
Dean donors, Torricelli, and a group of not-so progressive corporations. Man, I'm so friggin' glad I stayed out of politics as a career.