Friday, December 3

Arnold!?! Geeeeze...

You wanna try to like this guy, but he keeps doing dumb stuff.

On the upside, he's a social liberal.

On the downside, he's a staunch Republican.

On the upside, he's deeply committed to the environment.

On the downside, he snuggles up to Bush.

On the upside, he endorsed a $3 billion bond measure for stem-cell research in California.

On the downside...
Schwarzenegger shares fund-raiser with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to talk about his bipartisan attitude and his longtime personal friendship with Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

But when Schwarzenegger decided to raise campaign cash last week during a trip to Texas, he turned to a group called the McIntosh Company. That's the same professional fund-raising firm used by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the advocacy group funded largely by conservative supporters of President Bush that ran controversial television ads during the campaign questioning Kerry's service in Vietnam.

A McIntosh spokeswoman referred all questions about the event to Schwarzenegger aides. Schwarzenegger fund-raising liaison Marty Wilson said he hadn't known about the Swift Boat connection.

"They're a Republican fund-raising company based in Dallas," Wilson said of McIntosh. "They were referred to us by one of our supporters in the area."