Friday, December 3

SOMEONE'S Publishing the Truth

You just can't depend on the frightened mainstream press anymore. Raw Story, in its still-infancy, has been outstanding in digging up the dark side of the wingnut culture. Today, Hustler magazine hits the stands with RS' findings about the hidden life of Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), and RS has excerpts.
Detailed Hustler expose chronicles Dreier's hidden gay life

By John Byrne | RAW STORY Editor

Hustler Magazine lays bare the history of closeted gay Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) on newsstands Friday, RAW STORY can reveal.

The issue, dated for February, includes an article chronicling the rise and seeming fall of the House Republicans' shining star David Timothy Dreier, a 52-year-old Californian legislator whose gay life was laid bare earlier this summer by RAW STORY and, then picked up by LA Weekly.
While they're at it, they have some fun from the GOP convention in NYC.
Hustler details ribald underbelly of GOP convention

By John Byrne | RAW STORY Editor

New York Times and journalist Petra Bartosiewicz blows the whistle on the sleazy underbelly that belied the public facade of the Republican Party's family-values oriented convention in today's Hustler, RAW STORY has found.

Hustler gave this site permission to reprint detailed excerpts. The full article is only available in their print edition.

The piece, titled "THE GOP DOES GOTHAM," tracks a seamy Texas energy lobbyist from one Republican gala to another, noting his drunken passes all the while.
Sure, it's fun schadenfraude. It also shows the utter hypocrisy of these moral finger-waggers.

John Byrne's doing his job.

By the way, he's also got the story of House Dems firing off a 15-page list of demands to Ohio's SecState Kenneth Blackwell yesterday demanding answers on the ongoing voter "discrepancies" (fraud). READ