Wednesday, December 1

Sirius Tuner Offer Update

Well, Sirius is completely tapped out of all the free Sirius radios (got ours today - it rocks). We can still save you 100 bucks on the compact-sized Clarion for just $49.99 which sells elsewhere for $99.99 - plus a free car or home kit worth $49.99. You can subscribe monthly or annually with this offer. (Shipping is $9.99)

I don't own this model, but I've fiddled with it at Circuit City and it's a sweet little unit. Lord knows I've heard that a lot over the years. Thank you. Tip your waiters and waitresses.

So if you've wanted to make the leap away from the 53 Clear Channel stations in your area into satellite radio, here's a cheap way to do it without long-term commitments.
Go to
Click Get Sirius then click Buy at Sirius Direct.
Enter promo code 161.
The Clarion SIRPNP will come up for $49.99. Add to cart.
Enter our email address for the referral ID: hoffmanblog at earthlink dot net (enter it using the normal email address format).
Choose between the free car kit OR home kit.
Complete the rest of the ordering process.
As always, my share of the profits are non-existent. Just a cheapskate tech freak sharin' a deal with ya...