Monday, November 22


LINK - Thieves have stolen scantily clad garden gnomes from a gnome peepshow in an eastern German amusement park, park manager Frank Ullrich said on Thursday.

"The gnomes display naked body parts -- the same ones you'd expect to see in a human peep show," Ullrich said of his missing stars.

The adults-only attraction at Dwarf-Park Trusetal, where visitors peep through keyholes to see the saucy German miniatures in compromising poses, was smashed open early on Thursday morning.

Ullrich said he feared the gnomes would not be traced.

"I doubt they're standing in someone's garden, they'll have to have been hidden inside."
I didn't want to post this obscene lewd and anti-Republican story...unless I got a picture of said gnomes. Thanks to Jer, click here to see 'em in action. WARNING: Sexual, not explicit, but titillating in a gnome-like way.