Wednesday, November 17

Meet Your New National Security Adviser!

As always, Bush is stacking so many horrible decisions on the plate that it's impossible to know where to start saying "no." Our government-run-like-a-business once again elevates a raging incompetent instead of firing his useless butt. Why? Because President Crackhead has that psychological dysfunction of surrounding himself with sycophants - no matter how dangerous to the country's well-being they are.
A Hawk in Bush's Inner Circle Who Flies Under the Radar
Stephen J. Hadley, selected to be the next national security advisor, backs missile defense and is skeptical of arms control pacts.

Like others in Bush's inner circle, Hadley has demonstrated his loyalty. His most highly publicized appearance during Bush's first term came when he effectively took the blame for the president's mistaken claim in the 2003 State of the Union address that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium in Africa.

The assertion attracted controversy in July 2003, when it was disclosed that the Central Intelligence Agency had sent the White House two memos raising doubts about the uranium claim. Hadley appeared before reporters at the White House to say that he should have read the memos — and should have kept the erroneous 16 words out of Bush's speech.

"It is now clear to me that I failed in that responsibility," he said. Immediately afterward, Bush aides stressed that Hadley retained Bush's complete confidence and would stay on the job.

On Tuesday, as he announced the selection, Bush called Hadley a "man of wisdom and good judgment" who had "earned my trust."