Saturday, November 13

If Youse Wanna See Yer Mother Again, You'll Try My Democracy. Capisce?

Jeezus, has Bush been watching the Sopranos? This little passage from his photo-op with his pet poodle yesterday kinda stunned me.
I believe that the responsibility for peace is going to rest with the Palestinian people's desire to build a democracy and Israel's willingness to help them build a democracy. I know we have a responsibility as free nations to set forth a strategy that will help the Palestinian people head toward democracy. I don't think there will ever be lasting peace until there is a free, truly democratic society in the Palestinian territories that becomes a state. And therefore, the responsibility rests with both the Palestinian people and the leadership which emerges, with the Israelis to help that democracy grow, and with the free world to put the strategy in place that will help the democracy grow.
In other words, if you don't do things my way, we can't guarantee you won't get blasted to kingdom come. Have a nice day!