Monday, November 22

Psst. Wanna Get a Free Sirius Radio?

If you've been thinking about getting satellite radio, we're going to help you out here. Sirius is giving away free hardware plus a car OR home kit if you purchase a one-year subscription for $142.45 (and $9.95 postage).

Well, that was quick. They've hit their limit on the Audiovox freebies. But if you're still interested in a deal, you can get either the Audiovox or the more compact Clarion radio WITH a car or home kit for under 50 bucks. It ain't free, but it beats the hell out of anything you'll find in the stores. You'll also have a choice of half-year or whole year subscriptions to get this deal. Here's how.
1) Go to, click on "Get Sirius", then click "Buy at Sirius Direct."
2) Enter the promo code 252 and click "Go."
3) The Audiovox SIR-PNP2 and Clarion SIRPNP tuners will come up for $49.99 each. Choose one by clicking "Add to Cart."
4) You'll be asked for a referring e-mail address. Use mine - [hoffmanblog at earthlink dot net].*
*Type it in as a regular e-mail address. I spelled it out that way so I don't get spam from website crawlers.
5) Choose either the car kit or the home kit for free.
6) Follow the rest of the procedure to subscribe.
If you still really want a free Sirius radio, you can use the old promo code 262 in Step 2 above. You'll find an XACT Palm-Sized Sirius radio with car kit for $0.00 (the second choice on the page). I tried fiddling with this unit in the store the other day, but the method of direct tuning a channel is kinda cumbersome. It may be right for you, so check out the product info here before you take the plunge.