Tuesday, November 16

Now That's What I Call Hip Hop! Volume II

Loved his professional work. Like most of us, it seems his personal affairs needed a little shoring up.
ODB's family woes

The sister of hip-hop star ODB said yesterday that his money was beginning to become an issue within the family since his death Saturday.

Lamarenae Jones, 32, said she and her mother, Cherry Jones, were angry that ODB's separated wife made public statements that he had only three children when the rapper had seven children to whom he was financially committed.

"All these kids were always around each other," Jones, of Manassas, Va., said. "We have no idea why she said he only had three - her three - but it looks like his money is definitely going to be an issue."

Biographies of the rapper have put the number of his offspring at 12 or 13.

His wife, Icelene Jones, met ODB at her 16th birthday party in East New York about 20 years ago and lives in Deer Park with the couple's three children, Taniqua, 16; Barson, 15; and Shaquita, 13. After ODB's death, she insisted he had only three children and would not be responsible for any more than that.

She could not be reached yesterday.