Tuesday, November 16

Now That's What I Call Hip Hop! Volume I

Wasn't this the awards show which ended in a trophy-grabbing free-for-all last year? Or was that another UPN show, WWE Smackdown?
Man Stabbed in Melee at L.A.-Area Rap Awards Show

One man was stabbed and rapper Dr. Dre was punched in the nose during a melee at the second annual Vibe Awards for hip-hop stars at a hangar at Santa Monica Airport on Monday night, police said.

The fight, in which crowds of people traded punches and hurled chairs, started when Dr. Dre was punched while waiting to go on stage to receive a lifetime achievement award after being introduced by arranger Quincy Jones and rapper Snoop Dog.

Dre's bodyguards went after the assailant and fights broke out in the crowd of about 1,000. The man who was stabbed was not identified but officials said he was in stable condition and police were hunting for his attacker. The victim's name was not released.

When taping of the show resumed, Dr. Dre was presented with his award. The program was scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday night on the UPN network.