Wednesday, November 10

Almost Comin' Home Time

(NEGRIL, JAMAICA) - It figures that on the last few days of this trip, I'd come down with a headcold of the gods. I think it was either that damned mosquito or a chemical attack from Rumsfeld against my portion of the island. It came on Monday night at 3am with no warning and nothing's stopping it. Zinc, echanacea (sic - I'm stuffed), C, fevergrass tea, honey/lime - nothing. I'm looking forward to coming back home tomorrow where I can get some real drugs.

Speaking of real drugs, we did manage to hit a special marker with this trip. We already conquered YS Falls and Mayfield Falls. Sunday, we hit the trifecta and climbed Dunns River Falls which is an almost completely vertical hoist. Here's my pic to prove we did it.

I'll post more pictures and crap once I'm back in my own sickbed instead of someone else's.

So keep behaving yourselves. Between Gonzales, Arafat, Ohio vote counting, Fallujah and chicken that's prepared any way except jerked, we've still got a lot of work to do.

Because this relaxing is knocking the hell out of me. (SNIFF)