Thursday, November 4

The Silver Lining

(NEGRIL, JAMAICA) - Silver lining #1: Air America Radio will continue for at least another four years. Los Angeles might actually get an affiliate.

Silver lining #2: New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania all resoundingly rejected George W. Bush. In case you forgot, New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania were scenes of the 9/11 attacks. What these voters said Tuesday night means more to me than anything else.

There's another silver lining, but that in a moment.

What happened? The reasons that voters gave for voting for their guy speak loudest of all.

The number one reasons (a tie) people voted for Kerry were "Economy/Jobs" and "Iraq." Kerry voters voted for a president.

The number one reason people voted for Bush this year was "moral values." Bush voters voted for a televangelist. A moral leader. A daddy.

The overriding feeling coming out of this election is that for the last four years, the world viewed Bush as a schnook and Americans were the victims of a flawed election. Now the world can view Americans as schnooks who threw the little crackhead back in. Wonderful image. To all the registered voters who have The 700 Club and the Trinity Network TiVoed, thanks a load.

My only regret is that no one (to my knowledge) created and aired a commercial that showed only President Bush sitting in that Florida classroom after being told the country was under attack. As soon as bin Laden reared his ugly beard on TV last weekend, that should have been pounded hard into the national psyche. If I'm wrong, forgive me - I've been hiding out of the country. Now you know why.

Kerry showed his character in his concession. He accepted it with the grace and courage of a military officer. He ran a great campaign. Every TV spot that bore his approval shied away from the darkness and negativity that were the hallmarks of the Bush-Cheney campaign. He practically pleaded with Bush to bring this country together by reaching out to the 48% who voted against him.

And how did the GOP show its character? By demanding that the remaining House Democrats get on board with the Bush Doctrine and accept his rule of law. Period. Less than an hour after the election was decided, that's what Bill Frist told CNN's audience.

So much for a new conciliatory tone.

That brings us to the other silver lining: 2006.

I know, I know. This election turned you inside out, stomped a mudhole in you and hung you out to dry. Remember this: A lot has been said about Supreme Court justices retiring over the next four years. But we can make change in just two. We're going to nag you for the midterms. It's our best shot at not only the SCOTUS, but if Iraq, terrorism and habitual lying become more of a nightmare, we'll finally have the ability to hold an impeachment threat over Bush's head.

But that's later. Right now, just recharge. The hundreds of thousands who marched in the streets of America was no fluke. The passion our side still feels is no accident. Our work here based on our love of this country is no fairy tale.

A lot has been said about voters turning out in droves, but the AP reports that it was still just 60% of eligible voters. If we had just convinced 3% more...

If. If. If. "If"s are easy now. Forget "if"ing yourself to death. We honestly did a sensational job. Be proud. Do you think we can work 3% harder in 2006? Damn straight.

If they can do it, we can do it. And if we have to make it a mission from God, I'm sure He'd approve.