Friday, November 12

Eleven-Eleven Plus One

Yesterday was a travel day for us, but I couldn't let Veterans' Day pass without thinking of one of my childhood heroes - cartoonist Walt Kelly. His Pogo strip was nothing short of small works of art and mirrors of...well, the American condition. His humor and style to this day still puts the modern-day versions of the genre to utter shame (no one DARES to mention Mallard Fillmore, Prickly City, or even Doonesbury in the same breath as (breath) Pogo).

It was through Kelly's work that I learned at a very early age about the separation of troops and state. Our government has a history of really lousy decisions, many of which involve our young men and women jumping face first into mortal danger. According to Kelly, our leaders are never EVER above criticism, but our servicepeople earn and deserve our respect. For the most part, they ironically give up their right to criticize our government to carry out the fight for that very right.

Walt Kelly always held the date of 11/11 sacred, and every year he'd create a masterpiece honoring those who served. We happily pass along that notion, hoping that you'll do the same on this day every year.