Friday, October 31

Fox News Lowers Its Own Bar

Cruising past the channels, I happened to hit Fox News yesterday as they were showing 1995 videos of the Iraq tortures. I had the pleasure of tuning right into blindfolded, bound and gagged guys being thrown off rooftops and crashing to the ground, along with someone getting their head halfway chopped off. Today, they had footage of a private plane crashing where the pilot was seriously injured.

They call it news. I call it porn for the criminally insane. And don't give me that tired old meme that "it needs to be seen." That's Hannity crapspeak. We all know people were horribly tortured in Iraq under Hussein and Sons. Showing it is just sick to the tenth power.

If you're going to show that, then also show the 7,784 deaths of other Iraqi civilians who were killed as a direct result of our goodwill mission over there.

You won't. Because you're "fair and balanced." Twisted lunatics.