Thursday, October 23

Rumsfeld: I'm Not Buying It

A lot of folks are praising Donald Rumsfeld for his refreshing candor in the memo that was leaked to USA Today recently. I was born a skeptic and I'll probably die as one, but I always believe something like this is orchestrated...especially in the context of his Iraq rebuilding plan being taken over by Condi Rice and his unpleasant reaction to that.

Taking those recent developments under consideration, his memo seems to display more of a vindictive nature rather than one of enlightenment - and I cannot help but go with the latter trait based on his past behavior. Isn't the war on terror his baby? He is, after all, the Secretary of DEFENSE. Although maybe after Iraq it should be Secretary of Military Offense. Come to think of it, his title underscores how the U.S. military has strictly been used as defense until we started the pre-emptive strike on Iraq. Nonetheless, if it's a failure under his role as SoD, it's therefore a failure of his ability. That's why I asked if maybe he should resign if he's that critical of his own work.

Although Hoffmania! reader Cadillac Jack rightly points out that if that happens, we should all run for cover over who Uncle Dick Cheney will pick as his successor. Jeezus, what I'd give to elevate our crossroads to win/lose rather than lose/lose all the time...