Wednesday, October 15

Okay. Okay. Enough Of The Foul Ball Guy

It was stupid to compete with Moises Alou for the foul ball. That's a given. But the Chicago Sun-Times, Drudge and The Smoking Gun all have the guy's name, where he lives and where he works this morning, and frankly that sucks.

The Cubs (and anyone else in the majors) are paid tremendously to be pros on the field. That means not taking it out on the fans of the ball goes into the stands (which it did), and not letting something as trivial as a foul ball (and folks, that's all it was) make the wheels of your team fall off.

Yeah, the guy prevented an out, but folks - IT WAS A FOUL BALL. Nothing more. If the Cubs can't recover from what was nothing more than a foul ball, then maybe they don't deserve to be where they are now. And no, I won't accept that the foul ball was the cause of Alex Gonzalez' enormous choke at shortstop. Or Dusty Baker's decision to leave Mark Prior in there after 7+ sensational innings before the Marlins tied the game. Or the decision to have Farnsworth load the bases (pitchers really hate working with loaded bases).

It's easy to blame the guy for all that happened last night. But the real responsibility goes to the guys on the field. The Cubs choked and the Marlins took advantage. That's baseball.