Monday, October 27

A Little Down Time

Sorry for the lack of posts, pals. As any blogger can tell you, as soon as life gets in the way, the blog must take a back seat. Both my wife and mom landed in their respective hospitals so I've been the good husband/son by taking care of them (even though mom is 3000 miles away - it's always fun to talk to doctors and nurses of various accents over my cel phone when the towers out here are under the threat of conflagration).

So postings will be sparse until the weekend when they become nil for a couple of weeks. Yup. I'm pullin' an MWO as we say in the blogosphere. We're taking a much-needed respite to Jamaica's west end - the peaceful part mostly - and bask in the warmth of some amazing people while turning the brain off for a couple of weeks. It'll take that long to cough out the smoke and ash of SoCal and replace it with other smoke and ash.

Irie, baby.