Tuesday, October 14

Picking Your Sources Wisely

Look, I can't speak for everyone. But when it comes to hearing news out of Iraq, I can choose between the cheery happy gee-whiz updates from Karl Rove's Safe Haven Of Denial, or I can get the real story from someone who's in Baghdad trying to stay out of harm's way.

I'll take the guy in Baghdad. In this case, reporter Patrick Cockburn:

Paul Bremer, the US civilian administrator for Iraq, said in a statement that the Iraqi people were "succeeding in the reconstruction of Iraq", adding that "the terrorists will do anything, including taking the lives of innocent Iraqis, to draw attention away from the extraordinary progress made since liberation".

President George Bush and his senior officials launched a high-profile campaign in Washington last week to promote the view that life in Iraq was returning to normal.

Yesterday's explosion in the heart of the capital, in a street crowded with shops, left those claims looking hollow.