Monday, October 13

White House "Public Relations"

That's what they're calling it. I call it desperately trying to save your failing sinking ass. It starts by President Pilotpants blaming the press which - up until now - has been his bitch:

"There's a sense that people in America aren't getting the truth. I'm mindful of the filter through which some news travels, and sometimes you just have to go over the heads of the filter and speak directly to the people."
Then you put on the front of taking responsibility for the quagmire you just a second ago denied you created:

"If the people don't think I'm doing my job they'll find somebody [else]. That's my attitude. Look, I just don't make decisions on polls and I can't worry about polls."
You instead let Karl Rove worry about he polls, and he'll come up with more "public relations" - the euphemism for attention diversion. Don't believe it? It's happening right now.

QUESTION: Whatever happened to the Valerie Plame scandal?

ANSWER: In the last 24 hours, only one brave little newspaper is keeping the question alive: The Modesto Bee. And it's a reprint of a Newsday column.

ADD still runs rampant in the "filtered press."