Tuesday, October 21

Schadenfreude Is A Two-Way Street, Fox

Fox was betting that a lot of America wanted to see a bunch of women from our former allies in Europe get screwed over by a fake millionaire. Instead, America is delighting in Fox's failure today:

Fox Shows Flop Despite Heavy Promotion

NEW YORK - Even if you caught only a few innings of postseason baseball on Fox, you likely saw promos for "Skin" and the new season of "Joe Millionaire." Despite the heavy promotion, both series premieres flopped Monday, each drawing fewer than 7 million viewers.

"We're disappointed," said Gail Berman, Fox entertainment president. "I wish I knew what happened last night."

Despite many people considering the "Joe Millionaire" premise a one-shot joke, Fox ordered a sequel. It has the same twist, but this time features European women.

It was seen by an estimated 6.6 million people Monday, placing it fifth in its time slot, according to Nielsen Media Research. Even the WB, with "7th Heaven," fared better.