Friday, October 17

The Noel Blanc School of Self-Aggrandizing

Noel Blanc is honoring his father with a limited-edition lithograph featuring Warner Bros. characters that Blanc helped make famous.

The poster-size "Passing the Baton: A Tribute to Mel and Noel Blanc" lithographs are numbered, signed and will be personalized by Noel Blanc. Produced by Warner Bros. for Great American Ink, they cost $495.
Hate to be the bucket of water here, but Noel Blanc really hasn't set the world on fire with his versions of the Looney Tunes characters. Warner has hardly used him (if at all) in any of their major projects.

If anyone deserves the baton-passing kudos, it's Billy West, Joe Alaskey, Greg Burson, Bob Bergen and the others of a small handful of voice actors who have nailed these characters with their dead-on talents.

Sorry, Noel. We love ya, but your tribute to yourself kinda smacks of self-serving.