Thursday, October 30

Jumpin' Jesus On A Jet-Propelled Chariot-Driven Sidecar

How much longer are these crackheads going to get away with this? And don't tell me November 2004. This is immediately actionable. They recalled Gray Davis for a pantload less.

Study: Bush donors rake in contracts

WASHINGTON — Big givers to President Bush and companies with political and military connections are getting most of the reconstruction work in Iraq and Afghanistan, a watchdog group said Thursday.

The Center for Public Integrity has done the first detailed analysis of $8 billion in contracts awarded to 71 U.S. companies by the Pentagon, State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development.

"There is a stench of political favoritism and cronyism," says Charles Lewis, executive director of the center, a non-partisan group based in Washington.
If nothing comes of this, America has just given up. Disgusting.