Monday, February 16

Another "Oh, REALLY?" Moment

What next can screw up our Iraq non-plans? Oh. This.

Iraqis want to try Saddam without POW status

KUWAIT (Reuters) - The U.S.-backed Iraqi Governing Council will ask the United States to hand over Saddam Hussein and to remove his status as a prisoner of war when Iraqis take over power on June 30, Iraq's foreign minister says.

"Yes, we will demand changing his status and handing him over to Iraqi justice to put him on trial," Hoshiyar Zebari said on Sunday in response to a question at a news conference after a two-day summit in Kuwait by Iraq and neighbouring states.

"In fact, our agreement with the United States and the coalition forces is that when we as Iraqis are ready, especially after June 30, after the return of sovereignty and authority to the interim Iraqi government, we will demand changing Saddam's prisoner of war status."