Sunday, February 29

Drudge Still Trying Too Hard

Shocking headline at the Fort Drudge Most today:


So's I clicks on it, and I sees this:

Democrat frontrunner John Kerry is not sure God is on America's side in the war terrorism. Kerry made the startling comments during Sunday's Democrat presidential debate in New York City.

Elizabeth Bumiller of the NEW YORK TIMES asked Kerry: "President Bush has said that freedom and fear have always been at war, and God is not neutral between them. He's made quite clear in his speeches that he feels God is on America's side.

"Is God on America's side?"

KERRY: Well, God will -- look, I think -- I believe in God, but I don't believe, the way President Bush does, in invoking it all the time in that way. I think it is -- we pray that God is on our side, and we pray hard. And God has been on our side through most of our existence.
Call me nuts, but I don't see how fedorabrain drew the conclusion.

So Bush can say with absolute certainty that God IS on our side? We have tangible truth on this? And Kerry can't produce that same truth? This is truly a theological breakthrough.

Drudge has officially forfeited his shot at a productive life if this is all he's got left.