Tuesday, February 17

Dems Are In The House

...and the first step was taken today. Chandler's campaign is notable in that he is one of (now) many candidates who took their message to the blogosphere. Taking out package ads (and in many cases, premium placements on the high-traffic boards), Chandler's fundraising came from all corners of the country. Behold the power of Kos, Atrios, TPM, CalPundit, et al. Is this a great country or what?

Democrat Ben Chandler wins special election to fill vacant House seat in Kentucky

Soundly defeated in last year's governor's race, former state attorney general Ben Chandler on Tuesday easily won the House seat of the man who beat him, ending a long Democratic losing streak in congressional special elections.

Chandler, scion of one of Kentucky's most prominent political families, defeated Republican Alice Forgy Kerr. He will fill the remainder of Gov. Ernie Fletcher's term in the central Kentucky district that includes Lexington and the state capital of Frankfort.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Chandler had 84,545 votes, or 55 percent. Kerr had 65,774 votes or 43 percent. A third-party candidate trailed. Turnout among the district's 441,931 registered voters was 34 percent.