Sunday, February 29

More Important Stuff From This Morning's Paper

I'm not sure when this happened, but on the comics page, apparently Cathy is engaged to that guy she's been dating since the strip started several hundred years ago.

I'm a huge fan of the funnies, but Cathy is one of those strips that I really don't pay much attention to, simply because the formula's remained the same since its inception.

Panel 1: Establishing shot of Cathy...
a. engaging in conversation with boyfriend/mother/co-workers/waiter.
b. shopping for a swimsuit.

Panel 2: A growing sense of panic and/or concern.

Panel 3: A cloud of chaos with arms flailing, sweat drops flying and paper tearing.

Panel 4: Cathy standing/sitting in the middle of a shredded pile of something expressing an obvious conclusion.

Man, I miss Calvin and Hobbes...