Thursday, February 19

Fox News Has Thrown Down The Money Gauntlet

Wealthy Candidates Tout Populist Message

WASHINGTON — John Edwards and John Kerry are trying to appeal to the common man with their populist notions and messages on the campaign trail, but the two multi-millionaires don't live like most Americans.

The top Democratic presidential hopefuls both own mansions in tony Georgetown, the Washington, D.C., neighborhood known for its prime real estate and high-end fashion boutiques.

On one historic cobblestone street lives Edwards, whose 184-year-old, 13-room home is valued at $3.8 million. About a block away is the residence where Kerry lives, a 104-year-old, four-story home with 23 rooms that is conservatively estimated to be worth $4.3 million.

Kerry's home isn't really his own, however. Technically, it belongs to his wife, ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz. Kerry does own half a home he shares with Heinz in Boston's Beacon Hill. He mortgaged his half of it a couple months ago for $6.4 million — money he used to keep him in the race when the prospect of his presidential bid was looking much bleaker.
Oh. You guys at Fox want to play that game? Cool. Let's play. Here's the guy whose Fox News is delivering the message of the downtrodden everyman who's being wronged by those liberal media elitists.

Murdoch, Keith Rupert
72 , inherited and growing
Source: Media/Entertainment, News Corp. (quote, executives, news)

Net Worth: $7.2 billion
Hometown: New York , NY

Marital Status: married , 6 children , 2 divorces

Undergraduate: Oxford University, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Graduate: Oxford University, Masters of Arts

Started with one newspaper in Adelaide, Australia. Now a titan in television (35 stations, Fox Network), movies (Twentieth Century Fox), newspapers (New York Post, U.K.'s Sun). Operating income up 25% this year, led by strong showing in television (Joe Millionaire, American Idol) and DVD sales. "Fair and balanced" Fox News Channel (host to Forbes on Fox) defied critics with solid lead over rival CNN. Expanding already vast empire with pending $6.6 billion purchase of 34% stake in satellite service DirecTV from General Motors. Sprightly septuagenarian shows no signs of retiring; fathered sixth child this year with wife, Wendi.
If anyone finds published reports of the incomes of Rupert's kids and hosts, we're all ears.