Monday, February 16

The Latest "Anonymous" Wingnut Propaganda Machine is about to be launched, and it seems to promise how the "liberal media" and the left in general are influenced and financed by some really bad and evil people.

Unfortunately for them, they've already been outed by the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network. Turns out that it's the work of that unapologetic grunt for the wingnut machine, David Horowitz. The blogosphere is already blowing up FTN's bandwidth by pointing to their undeveloped test site which so far has no content other than names and numbers of supposedly evil funders of the left: The Sierra Club, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Exxon (?), the Government of Saudi Arabia (??) and those heartless bastards at Sisters of St, Joseph of Third Order of St. Francis to name but a few.

Go pound 'em. And RMPN's work here gives us hope that our side isn't going to be fooled again. We've got truth - AND moxie - on our side.