Sunday, February 29

Y'Know - Kinda Like What Clinton Tried To Do Before The Guy Blew Up New York

It's wonderful that President Pilotpants has finally gotten around to this, now that he's stopped using Iraq as a playground, and long after his GOP fenderhead pals hogtied his predecessor for trying to do this:

Bush orders bin Laden caught

GEORGE W. Bush has reportedly ordered US agencies to step up efforts to catch Osama bin Laden amid accusations by Democratic presidential frontrunner John Kerry that the White House has neglected the al-Qa'ida leader to the US's peril.

The renewed focus on bin Laden, who US intelligence believes is hiding on the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border, comes amid bitter politicking in the US over national security.

Senator Kerry says Mr Bush effectively allowed bin Laden to escape two years ago when he relied on local warlords instead of US troops to hunt him in Afghanistan's Tora Bora region.

News of the stepped up hunt comes less than a month after the senior US military spokesman in Afghanistan, Colonel Brian Hilferty, said: "We're sure we're going to catch Osama bin Laden this year."