Thursday, February 19

MWO: So, Nu?

Not much has been made about Media Whores Online's gradual departure from the daily must-read scene. Let's hope they'll be returning, but their postscript to their last update last week seems (and may I be the first to invoke this word) Deanesque. It's not a goodbye, but it sure SEEMS like one.

Out to Pasture

Many of you have written us since our return in January to comment about our relatively infrequent updates. We have published new material as often as possible since then, but generally that has meant new issues weekly or semi-weekly, as opposed to daily or several times per week as in the past.

We appreciate your feedback, and agree that much more frequent and consistent updates are necessary for this site to be effective for our purposes in producing it as well as for many of our readers' purposes in visiting.

Therefore, we will be putting the Horse out to pasture again until it becomes possible to update at shorter and more regular intervals.

In the meantime, if you're a frequent visitor to MWO, we hope you'll dedicate that time to contacting at least one media whore per day, or one ethical and professional journalist (and their news organizations) with your comments.