Saturday, February 21

This Will Piss You Off - Then It'll Make You Cheer

Bear with me here. This is a chickenshit ploy by Bush to go after Kerry via this lunatic, but the story has a great payoff.
Senator Blasts Kerry's Military Voting

ATLANTA - A leading Georgia Republican, speaking for President Bush (news - web sites)'s re-election campaign, predicted trouble for John Kerry (news - web sites) in the state's primary next month.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss contended that Kerry, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has a weak voting record on military affairs.

A spokeswoman for the Massachusetts senator called Chambliss an attack dog for Bush and encouraged anybody who wants to debate Kerry's military record to "bring it on," a slogan of the Kerry campaign.

Chambliss said in a conference call arranged by the Bush campaign: "When you have a 32-year history of voting to cut defense programs and cut defense systems, folks in Georgia are going to look beyond what he says and look at his voting record."
Here comes the good part - it opens the door for Max Cleland to step into the fray.

Former Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam and was defeated by Chambliss in a bitter campaign Senate two years ago, slammed Chambliss for the attack:

"For Saxby Chambliss, who got out of going to Vietnam because of a trick knee, to attack John Kerry as weak on the defense of our nation is like a mackerel in the moonlight that both shines and stinks."
Republican horseshit delivered by chickenhawks and snarky liars - only to get whacked in their collective snoots. We're simply not taking it anymore, and we're going to drag these jerks out into the open and kick their asses.

Keep it coming, President Crackhead. The free ride is over.

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