Thursday, October 2

And The Bushpeople Run Face First Into Reality

The lapdog media have jumped off the lap and are finally marking their own territory. Rove and Company have done what they do best - take whatever goodwill they have and squander it.

They took the great outpouring of support from the world after 9/11 and trashed it by bullying.

They took their allies in the CIA and trashed their confidence by bullying George Tenet into taking the bullet for the "16 words."

And the press - who supported them big time in exchange for embedded reportage during the war - has finally had their fill of being bullied into propping up (and being used by) a failing administration.

The media have been holding back. Now the floodgates have opened. You're not going to get away with your crap anymore. Deal with it.

And Hoffmania! and the rest of the blogosphere will keep throwing it at you because payback is a bitch.