Thursday, October 9

Call Your Bookie - Make A Fortune

Bet the house on President Flightsuit suddenly finding loaves and fishes for California now that a Republican's running the state. From the L.A. Times...

Even as national Republicans rejoiced at the ascension of one of their own to the governor's office, Schwarzenegger — facing an $8-billion budget gap — said Wednesday he would pressure the president for help.

"He promised me that he will do everything possible to help California, so I'm looking forward to working with him and asking for a lot, a lot of favors," Schwarzenegger said.

In the news conference, he held off on substantive announcements, not venturing beyond his broad campaign promises.
And in return for those favors? (3 second pause to shudder) Well, at least we've finally found the special interest he'll be beholden to...