Sunday, October 5

From The Lib'rul Media: U.S. News & World Report

A White House Whodunit
History shows that most leak investigations go nowhere. This one may be different

Accusations of sleaze at the White House . . . talk of special prosecutors and independent counsels . . . the president hounded by questions about what his staff knew and when they knew it. All part of the Washington soap opera for the past generation. But now, as the Justice Department begins an investigation into the Case of the Outed Operative, key roles in the drama are being played by officials of the Bush administration.

This time the stakes seem higher than usual. That's because the scandal doesn't involve just public careers or individual reputations but, possibly, the safety and effectiveness of America's intelligence agents around the world. This aspect of the case has angered even staunch supporters of President Bush and members of the intelligence community.