Sunday, October 12

How The Right Wing Treats A Wingnut Drug Addict

Matt Drudge stops just short of making a marriage proposal in his love letter to Rush Limbaugh.

"[Rush's addiction] is a great tragedy."

"Ah, nobody knew, or nobody was willing to admit in the big media business how interesting, or how big Rush Limbaugh is in this country -- until this story broke! How he is the companion to millions, how he is America's top voice. This makes it all the more painful."

"But it is a heartbreaking story because many of us, again, consider him family and I know it rips us. Because he is so clearly in pain. But the ability to do today's show knowing all this is swirling shows you he really is a pro, and a professional as far as this craft, the medium, goes."

"I think he is being sent up the river and I think we'll see him paddle back down. On this, there's no law against being a hypocrite a few times in your life. And this industry is built on hypocrisy!"